Visa® Gift Card

A Visa® gift card is the gift that always fits! If you are in the Northern Virginia area, you can stop by any one of Northwest Federal Credit Union's branch offices to purchase a gift card. The fees are:

  • $2.50* for gift card amounts from $10 - $250
  • $5.00* for gift card amounts from $251 - $500

Visa® Gift Card Benefits

  • Widely accepted–Can be used anywhere Visa® debit cards are accepted
  • Easy to use–Works like a credit card so there’s no need to memorize a Personal Identification Number (PIN)
  • Replaceable–If lost or stolen, call Customer Service at 1-866-586-4438 to close the card account and have a new card issued
  • Trackable–Register the card to review transactions and check the available balance

Additional terms and conditions may apply and are provided at the time of gift card purchase. *Fee listed is current as of 3/2012 and subject to change.