Individual Retirement Accounts



Primary Savings

Opening your Primary Savings Account with an initial minimum deposit of $1 establishes your membership with REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union. This amount will be held on deposit throughout your membership. Membership provides access to all of the Credit Union's products and services. All members must have and maintain this Primary Savings account. Once this account is established, you can open additional savings account.

Real Estate Escrow Checking Accounts

To help you manage your clients’ funds, we offer escrow accounts for real estate brokers nationwide who’ve established a business account with the Credit Union. Our Real Estate Escrow Checking Account is a non-dividend earning, free business checking account for earnest money deposits. Click to learn more about the Real Estate Escrow Checking Account.

Savings Club Account

This unique account helps you set and reach your shorter-term savings goals. You choose the start date of your Savings Club Account and your funds will be automatically transferred to a chosen account one or more years later.  Save up for your:

Annual dues, they come every year at the same time but somehow manage to sneak up when you’re least expecting them. A Savings Account slated for Annual Dues is a great place for you to stash some extra cash when you have it – and forget about it. Consider this account “untouchable” until dues time comes around. Dedicate an elected percentage of each commission check and deposit it immediately. Setting aside an average of just $60 a month will cover most of your local, state and national dues for the year.

REALTOR® Event Savings: The National Association of REALTORS’® meetings and expos are a great way to network, learn new things and further your career as a REALTOR®. The one thing that shouldn’t be stopping you from getting this experience is money. Saving $160 a month could get you to either NAR’s Midyear Legislative Meetings & Trade Expo or NAR’s Annual Conference & Expo. Saving for these events is truly an investment in your future.

Account Features and Benefits

  • Choose your start date and the number of years you would like to save
  • Funds will be automatically transferred to a designated account on your maturity date (one or more calendar years from the start date)
  • Make deposits in any amount, at any time throughout the year
  • Earn Savings Account dividend rates
  • Upon maturity and first disbursement of your savings into a designated account, your Savings Club will automatically renew with further disbursements made annually from the start date
  • Dividends are compounded daily and posted monthly
  • There is a $5 fee for early withdrawal

Savings Account Options

Custodial Savings

Save for a child’s future with an account that you control until the child reaches adulthood.

A Custodial Account is opened under the child’s name and social security number. The custodian, often a parent or grandparent, can add funds to the account at any time and can withdraw funds at any time to benefit the minor. When the child reaches age 18 or 21 (as deemed by the custodian) the account funds are turned over to the child.

You can also invest your Custodial Account funds in Certificates or a Money Market Account. Please complete and submit this application to open a Custodial account. Custodial_Application.

Note: Under the Uniform Gift to Minors Act, Custodial Accounts are considered a permanent irrevocable gift to a minor.
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Open a new Savings Account

It's easy and safe to open a new Savings Account online! Just log in to Online Banking and click "Open New Account" from the "Accounts" tab. Please note that the combined maximum deposit amount is $10,000.00. Should you wish to open an account(s) with an aggregate balance exceeding $10,000 do not attempt to fund your account(s) online. To fund an account exceeding the daily maximum funding limit please contact Member Service Center at 866.295.6038.
REALTORS® FCU, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union savings accounts are perfect for your monthly savings needs. Here are some of the great features and benefits of these accounts:
  • Open an Account conveniently online
  • No monthly fees
  • Access to your money when and where you need it (No restriction placed on Annual Dues or REALTOR® event accounts)
  • Make deposits when you want, from anywhere using a home or office scanner with Remote Deposit
  • Use External Transfers to make secure transfers to and from other financial institutions
  • Set-up free Direct Deposit
  • Enjoy free 24-hour online account access via Online Banking
  • Receive convenient Electronic Statements available within Online Banking 
  • Access to Member Care Representatives at 866.295.6038
  • Your savings are federally insured to at least $250,000 and backed by the full faith and credit of the United States government
Share Savings & Checking104/01/2016
Dividend Rate Annual Percentage Yield (APY) Opening Balance Balance to Earn Dividends
Primary Savings Account0.250%0.25%$1.00$1.00
Youth Club Savings**2.25%2.28%$1.00up to $1,500.00
Youth Club Savings**0.25%0.25%$1.00amounts over $1,500.00
Premier Checking0.100%0.10%No minimum$0.01
Savings Club0.250%0.25%$1.00$1.00
1Members up to age 22 will receive the Youth Club Account dividend rate.
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It’s easy and safe to join online. Your membership is necessary prior to opening an account. Just click Membership to get started. During the new member application process, you can select the products you’re interested in. If you need assistance, please call a friendly Member Care Representative at 866.295.6038.