Overdraft & Courtesy Pay Protection

Overdraft Protection

When you open a REALTORS® FCU, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union eChecking Account, you may select other accounts from which to transfer funds to cover checks drawn against insufficient funds or you may select other options.

Member Protection Plan - Limited

If you qualify for this service it provides protection against checks being returned for insufficient funds. If you request overdraft protection , we will attempt to draw from your other REALTORS® FCU, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union accounts, prior to utilizing Member Protection Plan. This convenient service means that you may never have to bounce a check again! This service saves you multiple fees charged by other financial institutions, vendors, retailers, etc. We understand the financial requirements of REALTORS®. Enrollment for Member Protection Plan is offered upon account opening. Please contact a Member Care Representative at 866.295.6038 for more information about Member Protection Plan.

Member Protection Plan - Standard

With REALTORS® FCU, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union Member Protection Plan, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you won’t be inconvenienced even if your checking account is accidentally overdrawn. Sign up today and we’ll cover your overdrafts up to $500 on debit and ATM card transactions, checks, bill payments and electronic drafts from your checking account.

Our Member Protection Plan… 

  • Prevents embarrassing moments at the checkout line 
  • Saves you money on returned check fees from merchants 
  • Provides a backup plan when funds are low 
  • Costs you less when you overdraft – reduced fee of just $27.00 instead of a $32.50 insufficient funds fee (NSF) 
  • PLUS – if your overdraft is less than $5, we will cover your transaction for free 

Here are the steps to sign up for the Member Protection Plan:

  • Login to online banking
  • Click on the "Documents" tab at top of the page
  • Then, click on "Member Protection Plan Options" tab to open the form
  • Follow the steps to register for MPP. Our Call Center is here to help if you have questions.

    Note: Members living near a Northwest Federal branch in Northern Virginia can also sign up for MPP at a branch. 

You can also protect your account from overdrafts by linking your share savings, credit card, Money Market Account or Line of Credit (LOC) loan to your checking account. In the event that your checking account has insufficient funds, we will automatically transfer funds from these accounts in the order you’ve selected. Contact our Call Center to sign up or find out more.
The Member Protection Plan is not a line of credit. However if you overdraw your account, we have the discretion to pay the overdraft subject to the limit of your MPP and the amount of the overdraft fee. The Credit Union is not obligated to pay any item presented for payment if your account does not contain sufficient available funds. You must repay any overdraft and fee within thirty (30) calendar days. The Credit Union will not pay overdrafts if you have exceeded your MPP limit or if you are delinquent in repayment.
To determine whether you have enough money in your account to cover a transaction, we use your account’s available balance which is based upon the deposits and withdrawals to your account and all pending electronic transactions, including pre-authorized transfers, point of sale transactions, and merchant payment authorizations, regardless of whether they have posted to your account.