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Application Requirements:

You will need…
  1. Routing number and account number from your current financial institution to deposit funds into your Primary Savings Account. Don’t have a check? Use the ABA Routing Number Search below.
    Credit or Debit Card
    (VISA, MasterCard® accepted) to fund your Primary Savings and/or eChecking accounts. 
  2. Driver’s License or State ID number and expiration date. If there is going to be a joint owner you will need their information as well.
  3. NRDS ID or the NRDS ID of the person who qualifies you for membership (for REALTORS® and employees of the National, State and Local  REALTORS® Associations). Find your NRDS ID.
  4. Information to answer security questions related to your financial history based on your credit report. These questions help to verify your identity. If you have a Fraud Alert or subscribe to an identity protection service that places restrictions on your credit report please click here.
  5. Approximately 15 Minutes to complete the membership application.
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ABA Routing Number Search

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This search directory is managed by a third-party government organization and is offered as a courtesy to our website users.  Due to scheduled updates, not all financial institutions will appear in search results and information may change.  Please contact your financial institution for current ABA routing number information.