Membership Application

How to Apply for Business Membership

  1. Your business must be one of the following:

    REALTOR® State & Local Association or Board, REALTOR® Institute, Society or Council, REALTOR® owned businesses

  2. Complete, print and submit the Business Membership Application: Business Account Checklist; Business Member Information Form and the Business Account Resolution for Depository Authorization

    Review the Credit Union Business Agreement and Disclosure Agreement for your account.
    Review the Credit Union Business Rate and Fee Disclosure

  3. Prepare copies of photo ID's and business documentation:

    • A copy of an unexpired government issued photo ID for each authorized signer
    • Copies of bylaws, or articles of incorporation, or Business License, or Operating Agreement (select which applies to you) 
    • copy of NRDS ID number (if applicable)

  4. Fund Your Account:

    Select the method for sending your initial $1 Primary Savings Account deposit and any other funds you wish to deposit:

    • Mail a Check
    • Wire Transfer
    • Remote Deposit

  5. Send in required documents to:

    REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union
    Member Service Center
    200 Spring Street
    Herndon, VA 20172-1229


    ATTN: New Accounts

    Upon receipt of all required documentation, your account will be opened in 3 business days. 

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    For assistance please call a friendly Member Service Representative. We are here for you at 866.295.6038.