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About Chicago Association of REALTORS®: As part of the Chicago community since 1883, The Chicago Association of REALTORS® represents a diverse group of individuals who work together with their neighbors, community groups, schools and elected officials to make Chicago a place you want to live, work and play. The Chicago Association of REALTORS® (CAR), the “Voice for Real Estate” in Chicago since 1883, represents 14,000 members from all real estate specialties including commercial sales, development, property management, appraisal, auctions, and residential sales. To learn more about CAR visit

Robert Schmidt, the comptroller for CAR, talks with us about CAR’s association membership with REALTORS® Federal Credit Union:

The Credit Union: How did you learn about the REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union?

Schmidt: CAR’s leadership team, primarily the CEO, was pretty instrumental in getting us invested.

The Credit Union: Why did you join the REALTORS® Federal Credit Union?

Schmidt: Two reasons; one being to support the credit union, and two because the rates were very attractive. We have both savings and certificates at the credit union.

The Credit Union: What do you look for in a financial services provider?

Schmidt: First I look for the services that are being offered, the pricing of those services, and the organization itself in terms of financial stability. Customer service level is also a big factor. They have to be easy to interact with.

The Credit Union: And how have we done so far?

Schmidt: We’ve been very pleased so far.

The Credit Union: How can real estate professionals benefit from REALTORS® Federal Credit Union, A Division of Northwest Federal Credit Union membership?

Schmidt: It’s a great resource for REALTORS to get involved with, especially because it’s not necessarily tied to anyone location.

The Credit Union: What are your current business challenges?

Schmidt: Just maintaining our membership base the best we can in these trying economic times and providing members with the tools to basically survive in this type of environment. Keeping in front of the members and benefits of belonging to our association has been challenging.

The Credit Union: What would you say to someone who is reluctant to use a virtual credit union?

Schmidt: Just give it a try! Being technically astute, having a virtual credit union doesn’t really bother me. It’s a viable option in today’s environment.